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Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Story

Even though i dont have alot of followers as of now i hope to improve little by little, baby steps because i know hard work pays. But first id like you let you know what type of person i am and how i came writing music because i believe every artist in some sort should have a heres mine.

Throughout elementary school i was a really over hyperactive kid, i would generally do what i want for the attention of others in order to get some recognition, but my stubborn head never relized the fact that the kids wern't laughing with me, they were laughing AT me. But deep down in my head i always kind of knew. I never knew how to be my own person so i would always try to follow the footsteps in others which always led me into disaster. This happened from Kindergarden to grade 6. 

Soon after I arrived into grade 7 and thats when i really started learning more about myself and what people dislike. I was constantly shunned and constantly verbally bullied because i never learned to stand up for myself and be my own person since i was constantly following in the footsteps of others, from grade 7-10 i was always made fun of, pushed around and treated like a person who was just there. This caused severe depression in my early teen life and thoughts of even suicide crossed my mind on multiple occasions. Something changed when i hit my 11th year of school though. Something in my head snapped and i didn't care anymore.

Now i guess this would be the proper time to address that im a very music-ish type of guy. I think music is very influential and can help someone find the path that they want to go. During my stages of depression i would constantly listen to rock music, christan bands such as Skillet, breaking benjamin, red all that type of stuff. And not say that the music isn't good, but i knew i was looking for something more. I was looking for something that could make me happy for once. Thats when i sort of started looking out for new things, first it was techno but that never really filled the gap. I can easily say when i started listing to kid cudi thats when the turning point in my life started. His music inspired me and his story did aswell. Because he was much like me but his story was alot more depressing as mine and for him to make music of his life and for so many people to follow it inspired me. Shortly after discovering kid cudi i disovered Wiz Khalifa by a friend of mine....Now this is where my life took a 180 degree turn, his music was jumpy, poppy, happy, great to listen to and above all his lyrics arent nothing short of amazing

Thats why today i consider myself then more of a fan for these artists. Kid Cudi plays a major part but above all Wiz Khalifa became my role model because his songs taught me that, there are people out there that WILL shun you, that will judge your work and try to pull you down whenever they get a chance, but you can still get through it if you remain strong and if you work hard you can achieve anything you want in this world. From his small times of making "show and prove" to "rolling papers" ive followed Wiz's story and i can honestly say that im so inspired by him that he is really the one who made me start writing music. Before i started listing to wiz i would never imagine that i would be here doing something that i never thought i would and that i have a talent for. And hopefully the way Wiz inspired me i could do something with my life the same way he did and inspire someone to do the exact same because in the end thats all we really need. Someone to look up on and help chase our dreams. And for me Cameron Jibril Thomaz did that for me. And im going to work hard so i can do that for someone in my future so they can look at my story and be inspired the same way i was. 

Im going to post an old song i wrote for someone, it was my first ever song that i wrote and its called "Stupid Cupid"

I hope you guys enjoy it and see a little bit more into my world now of who i am and what i hope to do as a future writer and hopefully artist


  1. I can relate to some of these things...

  2. yeah man we all got a story, thanks man tell me what you think of the work!